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Car Tints and Auto Window Tinting - DURHAM

Improve your cars appearance, provide effective protection against the suns UV rays or add additional security to your private and commercial vehicles. Monaghans Auto Accessories will give you a free no obligation quote either by phone on 01325 357028 or email sales@monaghans.com. All prices include fitting using Llumar Automotive Window Tint Film which carries a one year guarantee.


Window Tinting

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* Full window tint includes 4 side windows and rear window The benefits of having security film fitted to your vehicle or motorhome.

Speak to the experts before you decide whether this is a job for you or a professional 01325 357028 or email sales@monaghans.com.


Does it provide protection from the sun?

Yes - applying film can reduce the cabin temperature of your car by up to 60% compared to untreated glass. Not only does this make for a far more comfortable journey but it filters dangerous UV rays.

Can it save you money!

Window film reduces fading to your cars interior, maintaining it's value. Air conditioning ruins your cars mpg figures, costing you more at the filling station. Applying tinted film to your cars windows reduces how often you will need to run your air con saving you money!

What can you apply window tinting film to?

Glass... the film we use is used on all types of glass, in buildings, conservatories, sun rooms, sunroofs, limousines, cars, vans, lorries, cranes, you name it if it has glass it can be tinted with UV protection film reducing glare and temperature.

Does it scratch easily?

The film we use doesn't but there are some cheaper films on the market that are both easily scratched and prone to peeling. Our film is bonded to the glass on the inside of the car, and unless you attacked the film with a sharp object we wouldn't expect any visible damage to the film from normal day to day use and cleaning.

Is it guaranteed?

Yes the llumar film is guaranteed against fading and Monaghans personally guarantee their installation for 12 months against normal wear and tear.

Can you remove window tinting film?

Yes we can remove the film from your cars windows should you wish prior to selling or returning to a lease company.

My car has black dots round the edge of the glass can I still get my windows tinted?

Yes this dotted matrix edge is increasingly common but we can still tint windows with this effect on them.

What is the Law regarding window tinting?

By law we are unable to tint the front windscreen of a car being used on the road. We would also advise against using a tint any darker than 70% on front side windows. We can completely 'black out' rear windows and often do for commercial vehicles to provide additional security.

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At Monaghans we use LLumar automotive window tint film

Known for their quality, colour stability, and patented scratch-resistant coating, LLumar films are durable and virtually maintenance free. While other films employ very dark tinting to achieve similar levels of heat rejection, LLumar's windscreen film colour is light enough to meet visible-light transmission laws worldwide. Its optical clarity and low reflectivity will not interfere with night driving.

What to watch out for... the success of tinting relies on two factors:

The Quality of the film being applied

Using a good quality tinting film is essential if you want a film that will apply without bubbling, fading or pealing. Think about what you want and how good you want the finished result to look. At the top of this page you can see examples of cars we have tinted.

Applying the film in a clean environment

There is always dust about, and unless the film was applied in a vacuum then you will get some dust between the film and the cars glass. Whether you can see the dust is another matter. We believe that window tinting film needs to be installed indoors which is why we don't offer a mobile window tinting service.

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Llumar 5dr Window Tinting 5dr tints to B post rear DURHAM
5dr tints to B post rear.
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Llumar Medium Window Tinting tint B post rear DURHAM
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Llumar Mercedes clk Mercedes clk fitted with climate control film DURHAM
Mercedes clk fitted with climate control film
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